6 Tips to Alleviate Hand and Wrist Pain When Diamond Painting for Diamond Art

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and Diamond Painting is no exception! It’s easy to sit down and lose track of time as you see the colorful canvas come together. With each block or row that you fill there is an incredible sense of fulfillment, but if you’re not careful you may be feeling something else too—wrist and hand pain.

While it’s not uncommon for Diamond Painters to experience pain in their hands and wrists, there are a few simple strategies that can be used to relieve the pain and even avoid it altogether.

  1. Take routine breaks

The simplest thing you can do is make sure you take breaks from time to time when Diamond Painting. This gives you a chance to put the pen down and stretch your hands, wrist (and even your back and shoulders).


Ticking clock

Because it’s easy to lose track of time, it’s helpful to set a timer before you start working. You can simply use your kitchen timer or the timer on your phone. If you’re planning on doing a long Diamond Painting session, you may find it helpful to use a Pomodoro Timer. These timers let you work for 25 minutes and alert you when it’s time to take a 5-minute break. Once your break is over, you can jump back into a 25-minute Painting session.


While these timers are typically used in the workplace, they can be helpful with Diamond Painting too! You can find Pomodoro apps on your phone too.


  1. Stretch your hands and wrists

Another way to help avoid wrist and hand pain while you Paint with Diamonds is to do stretches for your hands and wrists when you’re taking breaks. There are also exercises you can do to help strengthen your fingers and hand muscles.

  1. Try a glove, brace, or wrap

Based on where your pain is coming from, you may find relief from wearing a crafting glove, brace, or wrap. These can help in a number of ways including:


Reducing swelling

Improving circulation

Relieving pain

Diamond Art

Taking pressure off the nerve

All of these options can be used in a way that allows your fingers to be free and clear for holding the pen.


wrist pain with diamond painting

  1. Reconfigure your workspace

You could be experiencing unnecessary pain due to the setup of your Diamond Painting crafting space. If you’re sitting hunched over, constantly staring down, or leaning on your wrists, it can lead to pain.

While it may seem unrelated to wrist and hand pain, sitting with proper posture can help you avoid pain from the start.

You may find it helpful to use a tilted work surface such as a drafting table or tabletop easel. This can help you to keep your wrist at a better angle. It’s also helpful to make sure you can easily reach the supplies that you need.


  1. Try a new painting pen

Your hand pain could be coming from the way you hold your pen. Whether you have arthritis in your hands or you simply squeeze the pen too tight, you may benefit from switching up the pen that you use to make it work better for you.


There are wide grip pens and pens with extra cushion for an easier grip. You can even find special ergonomic arthritic-built pens that help you Diamond Paint pain-free.


  1. Alternate hands

An often overlooked option for reducing hand and wrist pain is to alternate which hand you’re using. While most people have a dominant hand, by alternating which hand you use, you can give that hand a break while building up your non-dominant hand.


Not only will this help you avoid hand and wrist pain from overuse, but it gets your brain working too as you focus on controlling where you’re placing your Diamonds with the non-dominant hand.


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