Barrier Online Casino Malaysia Tour d’Enghien: Pierre Canali wins


Over two days this weekend, the Barrière Online Casino Malaysia Tour d’Enghien took place, which brought together 310 players.

It was Pierre Canali who won by winning the tournament hard at 3am. The host of Radio Clubpoker, had as illustrious competitors many French pros such as Bertrand  Roger, , Arnaud or Isabelle Mercier, whose big comeback it was. at the tables after several months of absence.

The BPT organization had offered a minimum prize pool of 300,000 euros and thanks to the influx of players, 530,000 euros were finally shared. Allowing the winner to leave with the sum of 166,000 euros, the second, Alain, leaves for his part with 85,700 euros.

In the process we also learn of the signing of an agreement with Barrière and the EPT for the organization for 3 years of a stage in Deauville, the first tournament is scheduled for the end of January 2023.

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The European Poker Tour ranks among the important tournaments of the season both by the number and quality of its participants and by the prizes. For the sixth edition, there should be a dozen stages, for the moment seven have been announced and 3 played. After London and before Portugal, the Tournament now joins Warsaw.

ept warsaw european poker tour 2023 EPT Season 6: Warsaw Day 1A

To date, the EPT ranking gives as the best player in number of points Bertrand Grospellier, alias “ElkY” with a total of 3,354 points and in euros Pieter de Kover with 2.3 million euros.

During the 6 days of the Festival which takes place from October 20 to 25 at the Casino Hyatt Regency, 5 tournaments will be played including the Main Event with almost 6,000 euros buy-in or a High Roller, but also 3 sides events in Texas Hold’ hem NL and Pot Limit Omaha.

At the end of the first day 1A of the Main Event, there are only 64 participants left out of 88, and it is Carter Phillips, winner of the EPT Barcelona, who ranks at the top of the chip count with 194,850 chips well outdistancing the second , Luca Pagano, who still totals 101,575 chips. The first French, Michel Abecassis, is 8th with 43,075 chips.

Disappointing performance for the 2023 world champion Peter Eastgate who ends the day with 32,000 chips, as for the French Arnaud Mattern with 28,000 chips and the Russian Alex Kravchenko with 9,000 chips.

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