Bonuses – How to Maximize your 먹튀사이트 Working Capital


One of the tremendous benefits of gambling online is the current widespread availability of deposit bonuses – whether it’s a set bonus amount, a match play bonus, or a bonus percentage added on top of your deposit. In places like Vegas, the highest you’re likely to find is a $5 matchplay coupon, and even then only a very few casinos offer this.

These deposit bonuses are currently the most common method being used by casino marketers to attract new gamblers – but as the industry evolves you are likely to see these deposit bonuses diminish or even disappear – so it might be a good idea to take advantage of them while you can.

Before taking advantage of one of these bonuses, though, make sure you visit the casino’s website and study the terms of the bonus carefully. Some of them require that they be played through at least once in addition to your deposit before you can cash them out – some of them three times through, and on occasion some are as bad as SIX times through! That’s almost as bad as not getting a bonus at all sometimes! Other 먹튀사이트 casinos use various methods of keeping your bonus money in an account, where they can never be cashed out – in any case, make sure you are fully aware of what is required to meet the conditions of the bonus.


Also make sure you know the payout options – how much it costs for a wire transfer or check – in many cases the bonus they offer are negated by the expense of cashing out.


Now, having said that, one can easily turn a small initial deposit at one casino into a reasonably-sized stake – make the deposit, play enough to earn the bonus, cash it out and take the resulting stake to another casino. Casino owners may not like this too much, but you are meeting all of their conditions and there is nothing they can or will do about it unless they want to be branded as cheaters. Remember always that you can go back to these casinos later – the whole point of a bonus is to give you an opportunity to try out the casino, and when you go back to some of them they will be happy that they gave you that bonus in the first place!


First round – visit all the casinos that offer a fixed bonus – usually from $10 to $40 – meet all their conditions during play, cash out the bonus and move on. Mark down those casinos which provide top-notch support, good and fair games and fast payouts for later gambling – but also mark those which are not so good so you can avoid them later. This is also a good time to visit the few casinos which offer a risk-free 24 hours where they will refund your losses, usually up to a $50 limit.


Here are a few bonus and risk-free casinos to visit. All of these require that you play your deposit and bonus at least once through.


Casino Bonus Description Expires

Aces High $15 free plus $35 for $50 n/a

Jackpot City $50 with first deposit of $50 n/a

Strike It Lucky $20 for $40 deposited n/a

Blackjack Ballroom $50 with first deposit of $100 n/a

Hook’s Casino 25% of up to $4000 deposited n/a

Wild Jack 25% of up to $1000 deposited n/a

Captain Cook’s 100% of up to $100 deposited n/a

Lucky Nugget $10 free plus $100 for $100 n/a

All Slots 25% of up to $4000 deposited n/a

English Harbour $35 for $35 or 35% on deposit up to $150 n/a

First Web 20-25% on deposit up to $500 n/a

Orbital $10 free plus $40 for $50 n/a

Gaming Club $10 free plus $100/$100 or mystery bonus for $50 n/a

Silver Dollar $25 for $25 or 35% on deposit up to $100 n/a

Illustrated Casino $60 on first deposit n/a

Vegas USA $30 on first deposit n/a

AceKingClub $25 for $25 n/a

River Belle 100% of up to $100 deposited n/a

Prestige $40 for $20 or 15% on deposit up to $500 n/a

Quicksilver $50 for $100 n/a

Queen’s Club $20 on first deposit n/a


Be sure to record your account number and password for each casino somewhere – most casinos frown on multiple accounts and may lock you out. If you have more than one member of the household that wishes to play, MAKE SURE you let the casino know FIRST. They are usually understanding and will go out of their way to help you in opening a separate account for that person, usually with the bonus as well!


When you play, try to stick to the 50-50 type bets such as blackjack – not forgetting your trusty strategy card – so that you can minimize the chance of leaving with less than you deposited. Jacks or better video poker is also a good choice of game – craps and roulette are not allowed under the bonus conditions for some of these casinos so be sure to check first. Also try not to play more than is required, as the object is to build the stake with the least amount of effort. Part 3 will cover disciplined play beyond bonus levels.


After visiting these casinos, do NOT go back and try to do it again, as the bonus is for FIRST-TIME players only in most cases. Treat them with the respect and courtesy they treated you with by granting the bonus in the first place. Instead, it’s a good time to move on to the matchplay casinos, where they will match your deposit with an equivalent amount up to a limit.






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