FirePay Offers Situs Judi Bola an Alternative to Credit Cards

“Players are less likely to have their deposits rejected if they use FirePay.”

A Short List of Casinos Accepting FirePay

  • Geisha Lounge Casino
  • Aspinalls
  • Colosseum Casino
  • Floridita Club Casino
  • Fortune Room Casino
  • Golden Comps Casino
  • Grand Hotel Casino
  • Lucky Nugget
  • Vegas USA

Credit card companies Visa and MasterCard have recently made it difficult for online gamblers to deposit money into their casino accounts. Players have been forced to find an alternative, and online payment companies are becoming an increasingly popular choice with many people.

PayPal is one online payment option that has been around for a while, but the company has been getting some competition lately from up-and-comers FirePay.

FirePay enables players to deposit money into a FirePay account and then use that account for casino deposits and withdrawals. FirePay effectively acts as an intermediary between the credit card company and the casinos, circumventing the credit card companies’ restrictions.

Players can sign up at either the FirePay site or through a partner casino, and deposit money using their Visa or Mastercard, or a check. That money can then be used for casino deposits; the whole process is reversed when a player cashes out. All transactions take place in real time and are confirmed via e-mail.

Not surprisingly, more and more casinos are adding FirePay to their list of payment options as the credit card companies crack down. According to Euron de Sousa, pitboss at Geisha Lounge Casino, the most obvious benefit of FirePay is that players are much less likely to have their deposits rejected.

Geisha is fully committed to the FirePay alternative, and is even going as far as offering a $20 bonus to players who switch to FirePay.

“Due to recent changes in the gaming environment, we believe that it is in the best interests of both players and casinos to utilize all methods available to make their gaming experience easier, safer, and more fun,” said de Souza. “We have a vested interest in our players feeling safe. FirePay also reduces the risk of fraud against casinos and allows us to devote more time to customer satisfaction.”

De Sousa expects online payment solutions like FirePay will be the way of the future because they protect both the customer and the casino. And if recent events in the U.S. are any indication of things to come, players may not even have a choice before long.

There are a number of benefits associated with FirePay, including:

Privacy – players will able to use a single ID and login at every casino that accepts FirePay, meaning they won’t have to resubmit credit card information when they try a new casino.

Safety – accounts can’t be charged for any more money than is in it, unlike a credit card that can be maxed out if it is compromised.

The service is free – FirePay makes Situs Judi Bola money by charging the merchant a user fee.

Players are able to check their balance or transaction statements on the FirePay site.

Funds are available immediately after they are transferred into an account.

Financial information is not disclosed to the merchant or casino.

FirePay does not block any countries, so players who have been barred from casinos because of their locale should now be able to play.

Are there any downsides to FirePay? A few, but they aren’t major.

You can only use Visa, Mastercard, or a check. FirePay has terminated its relationship with Discover card and American Express.

The company only accepts checks from the U.S., and it will take about five days to process them.

The FirePay deposit will be billed to your credit card as either a purchase or cash advance. Check with the credit card company to see if they charge a service fee for a cash advance.

Withdrawals are not instantaneous. Players need to contact FirePay when they want to make a withdrawal, and the process can take two to three business days to complete.

FirePay is currently available in U.S. dollars only. Other currencies may be added in the near future.

Players have to use the same e-mail address to register at a casino as they are using for their FirePay account.





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