Germany Wins Nations Cup Team Event


Team Germany defeated competitors from ten other countries and from the dang nhap w88 online gaming company to win the inaugural International Federation of Poker (IFP) Nation Cup event in London. The event was played as Duplicate Poker, with each table of players receiving the exact same hand as that dealt at the other tables and players awarded points based on how they played.

Team Titan’s Sam Trickett played on the unsuccessful United Kingdom team, which was captained by Barny Boatman and included Jake Cody, James Akenhead, JP Kelly, and Liv Boeree.

The IFP Nations Cup took place in London as part of the London Mind Sports Festival. Germany won the event with 24 points, finishing ahead of Brazil and France that both ended up with 22 points. There were no cash prizes awarded to the winning team, just the national pride of being the best.

The winning German team included Stephan Kalhammer, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Moritz Kranich, Hans Martin Vogl, Sandra Naujoks, and Tobias Reinkemeier.

The U.S. team was led by Barry Greenstein and included Vanessa Selbst, Antionio Esfandiari, Matt Matros, Ali Eslami, Jennifer ‘Jennicide’ Leigh, and Isaac Haxton. Other nations taking part included Spain, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Japan and Denmark.

The Nations Cup is being followed by The Table, a $500,000 invitational freeroll to be played by regular no-limit Texas Hold’em rules with a field of 130 including celebrities and poker’s top professionals. According to its organizers, the winner of The Table will be crowned Official World Champion of Poker.

The IFP was established in Lausanne, Switzerland, in April, 2009, and considers itself to be poker’s official governing body. Its goal is stated as the promotion of poker and its duplicate version as a “mind sport without any discrimination as to race, sex, creed, or disability; and to reinforce the element of skill involved, as well as the talent and determination required to succeed.”

According to the IFP, “Duplicate Poker is intended to reduce random chance and allow skill to flourish.”  While this year’s World Championship was an invite only event, the IFP promises that “next year’s Championship will be open to all players from around the world.”

Canadian Reigns Supreme at Online Tournaments

Canadian Jeff Hakim is no stranger to online poker competition. With over $4.7 million in lifetime winnings, he is currently listed in 38th place on the PocketFives online poker tournament rankings.

Playing under the nickname “YoungSupremacy” at Titan Poker, Jeff recently won the $35,000 GP High Roller Monday and scored a second place finish in the $30,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A.

We recently interviewed Jeff to get an insight on his online poker tournament strategy.

Q: What is your occupation?

A: Pro poker player / Investor

Q: How long have you been playing poker for and how did you start?

A: Been playing poker since 2005! I started during my senior year in high school with friends.

Q: What has helped you to improve your game?

A: Experience, going over hands with good players, etc.

Q: Have you read poker books?

A: Not really, tried to, too boring, I guess.

Q: Do you use any special strategy to win tournaments?

A: I do my best to win every pot of course! I take creative lines, etc.

Q: What do you do with your tournament prize money?

A: I invest it in other poker tournaments!

Q: What was your biggest win at Titan Poker?

A: I finished 2nd in the big Sunday $200,000 Guarantee a couple of years ago.

Q: What was the competition like in the High Roller tournament?

A: Tough, it’s the high rolla!

Q: What was your biggest achievement at a land-based tournament?

A: I chopped a $5k side event at Foxwoods for $103k/

Q: What are you goals in poker for 2011?

A: Win a big live event!

Q: Do you have any advice to other players?

A: It’s tough to give advice that hasn’t already been given! To sum it up in one word… discipline!

Q: Will we see you as part of the Titan Poker team at the 2012 World Series of Poker?

A: Possibly, if Titan Poker offers some good benefits to those being part of the team!

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