Hong Kong Punters Are Spending More Time Online To Judi Mpo Slot Gamble

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Comparison between January and May figures reveal Hong Kong users are spending longer time on hard betting/gambling information now than at the beginning of the year


Top Ten gambling sites in May 2001

Profiles of Sector’s visitors revealed

Hong Kong, July 4, 2001 – According to NetValue, Asia’s leading source of Internet intelligence, Hong Kong’s cyber-casino scene is a hot sector on the Internet with users spending more time on hard betting sites in May than the beginning of the year.


The new report extracted from NetValue’s Wide Angle Solutions Product Suite also reveals that Hong Kong’s punters are now spending more time at gambling information sites, which offer betting tips and reviews of top gambling websites.


Traffic Going to the Gambling Sector: January 2001 to May 2001

The percentage of Hong Kong Internet users visiting the gambling sector have remained steady since January. In the past five months, the average percentage of visitors going to this sector has hovered between 40 to 39 per cent, with only a slight dip down to 37.4 per cent in March.

“Although the number of users visiting gambling sites has stayed relatively stable, we are seeing an increase in the length of time users spend on these sites, which is one of the key factors of concern the increased accessibility online gaming brings,” says Clayton Fitts, vice president of Sales and Marketing at NetValue Limited.


Longer duration on gambling sites in May 2001

Duration has increased sharply for gambling sites such as macauslot.com and macau-slot.com since the start of the year. Figures for January show that the average time on macauslot.com (the number one site in the gambling sector for both January and May) was nearly 140 minutes. In May, the figure increased to nearly 180 minutes. An interesting finding was that macauslot.com is a gambling information site which offers tips on how to make wiser bets on its sister website, macau-slot.com (which offers hard betting services). The fact that both websites are doing so well means that users find the interrelationship between the sister sites very informative and useful when making online bets.


Says Mr. Fitts: “There is no doubt that Judi Mpo Slot gambling is and will continue to be a dominant sector on the Internet among users in Hong Kong. Figures reveal that online hard betting has begun to take off in a city that is famous for placing as much value on the excitement of social interaction during gambling as putting the bets on the table. Essentially, to local Internet users, gambling is a passion which exists both online and offline.”


Top 10 Gambling Sites in Hong Kong Based on Duration, January 2001 Rank Domain Duration (mins) per user

1 macauslot.com ** 139.9

2 macau-slot.com * 38.8

3 appleracing.com.hk ** 25.8

4 hongkongjockeyclub.com * 7.1

5 prizecrazy.com 2.7

6 clubchance.com 1.4

7 windough.com 1.4

8 iwin.com 1.1

9 speedyclick.com 1.1

10 onlinegamblingreview.com ** 1.0

Base: Hong Kong Internet Users, January 2001 Source: NetValue


*Indicates hard betting website

** Indicates gambling information website


Top 10 Gambling Sites in Hong Kong Based on Duration, May 2001 Rank Domain Duration (mins) per user

1 macauslot.com ** 179.3

2 macau-slot.com * 80.9

3 appleracing.com.hk ** 19.0

4 hongkongjockeyclub.com * 6.7

5 ladbrokes.co.uk * 6.0

6 goldenpalace.com * 3.5

7 clubchance.com 1.3

8 trustedcasinos.com ** 1.2

9 onlinegamblingreview.com ** 1.1

10 a1players.com ** 0.7

Base: Hong Kong Internet Users, January 2001 Source: NetValue


*Indicates hard betting website

** Indicates gambling information website


“Earlier this year, Hong Kong Internet users were just warming up to the idea of cyber-casinos and they tested the waters by going to a lot of soft betting sites, which are sites that offer games but no monetary transactions,” says Mr. Fitts. “Now, users seem to be growing more confident about gambling on hard betting sites, which is evident from the growth in the number of such sites in the Top Ten for May. This, and the big leap in duration for the top two gambling sector sites in January and May all point to the trend that Hong Kong users have matured in terms of identifying and accessing those sites which are particular to their specific needs. It is interesting that a degree of self regulation from users is taking place as two review sites have now entered the top ten”


Profile of Hong Kong Users Who Visit Gambling Websites

From January 2001 to May 2001, the two age groups consisting of the highest numbers of gambling site visitors have continued to be the 15-24 age group and 25-34 age group (in respective order). Additionally, males have continuously shown more interest in visiting gambling sites than females. Again, the figures show fairly minimal increases and decreases in the age groups’ percentages during the past five months, and also between the percentages of the genders.


“Online betting is becoming a staple activity among Hong Kong users who visit the gambling sector and its potential to grow in the market is high,” says Mr. Fitts. “Reasons for this are because the regulations and barriers for businesses to enter this arena are lenient, and gambling sites do not discriminate against age groups. The real challenge that lies ahead for these sites is in developing user loyalty, considering the wide range of gambling site choices that are available.”


Breakdown of Male and Female Users Visiting the Gambling Sector in Hong Kong January Feburary March April May

% of Users Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female

1 61.6% 38.4% 62.2% 37.8% 62.4% 37.6% 58.4% 41.6% 59.9% 40.1%

Base: Hong Kong Internet Users, January 2001 Source: NetValue



Figures can be published with specific mention: “NetValue copyright” or “Source: Judi Mpo Slot“.


Terms used in this release:

Duration: Length of time in minutes spent by an Internet user on pages from a domain or sector during a reference period. Gambling Sector: The classification of gambling services and business activities in domains and properties. Reach: Represents percentage of unique Internet users who visited the sector or domain at least once during a reference period.


About NetValue

NetValue, a global Internet measurement company, provides the most comprehensive picture of consumer behaviour online. NetValue recruits and Judi Mpo Slot operates meticulously structured user panels to yield unique and detailed Internet usage (and audience) reports.


NetValue’s technology delivers insightful information on Internet behaviour, capturing all Internet activity including web, email, chat, audio, video, games, instant messaging and more.


Founded in France in 1998, NetValue S.A. currently owns panels in Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. NetValue Limited, a subsidiary headquartered in Hong Kong, owns panels in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. NetValue clients include Engage, Kimo, Lycos, MSN, Modem Media, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Smith Barney, Sohu, tom.com, Yahoo! and Zenith Media.



NetValue panels are recruited by market research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) globally and Central Viewer Survey and Consulting Center (CVSC) in China, and are fully representative of the Internet universe in each country. An establishment survey quantifies and profiles the number of Internet users in each country, gathering both Internet related data (e.g. level of Internet penetration, main ISP used, how long the household has been connected) and demographic and socio-economic data. The most current characteristics of the Internet user population are determined through monthly random digit dialing telephone interviews. Once recruited, panelists download NetValue’s technology, NetMeterTM, onto their home computers, enabling NetValue to track the most up-to-date Internet behaviours.



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