NumbThumb Games, LLC Offers a Better Way to Rent Slot Online Video Games for Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube Gamers.

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Austin, Texas – officially launched today after a very exciting soft launch and testing period.


Avid gamers who were tired all the hassles associated with renting games at the local video store founded Daryl Hiers, President of NumbThumb Games says “The selection at the video store was always poor, and when you found a game you wanted, you paid a high price to rent it for a few days which was never enough time to master the game. Also, local video stores don’t specialize in video games, they specialize in movies. They don’t understand the gamer or know much about the games available in the market.”


How it works:


  1. Sign up for a membership at
  2. Search and browse the selection of Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube games on-line
  3. Simply press the “rent” icon for any game you want to rent
  4. Go to the rental queue to move games up or down in their priority listing
  5. NumbThumb Games ships out the first game(s) from the rental queue in a postage paid returnable envelope
  6. Play the games as long as you want
  7. Simply drop the game into any mailbox to return
  8. NumbThumb Games will ship out the next game in your queue


“Compared to renting from the local video store, or buying games, NumbThumb Games is a better solution. My son loves getting the orange envelopes in the mail with his latest video game rental, and when he gets tired of playing the game, we put it into the mail and in a couple of days a new one arrives. I no longer buy games at retail prices, only to have my son finish them in a week to never be played again” says Ken Bunney one of NumbThumb Games’ early customers and tester. gives its customers:


– Unlimited Video Game Rentals for one low price

– No contract to sign, cancel anytime

– Keep the games for as long or short of time as desired

– All Shipping Costs postage paid by NumbThumb Games

– Robust website which provides synopsis on current and upcoming games

– Customized website with customers rental “queue” of all games they want to rent

– Parental controls with password overrides to restrict game rentals by ESRB rating


About NumbThumb Games, LLC


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