Plus Lotto Judi Dadu Lottery – Review

Judi Dadu

Play PLUS Lotto!Plus Lotto is one of the Net’s first lotto sites, and the special thing about this site is that 25% of all proceeds go to support humanitarian causes through the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. So when you try your luck here, you can be absolutely sure that needy causes are benefiting. Not only that, this is the ONLY online lottery which holds a government license.

Plus Lotto’s biggest prize is its 6/49 lottery, called Megabucks – which is always valued at over $1 million in cash – and the best part of this is that it is a LUMP SUM payout – not paid out over 20 years like most lotteries in the US. There has already been one jackpot winner of Megabucks, though even a 5 ball hit will pay quite a substantial sum and there have been a number of those.

Adding to the variety are a number of other games – 6/25 lotto, a 2 number Snowball (beware! the numbers must be drawn in EXACT order to win!), and an hourly 5/15 draw which I find particularly intriguing – I have been planning for more than a year how to beat this thing, yet never happened upon a pot big enough to warrant a massive number of entries using a wheeling system. If only I still had my book of Dimitrov wheeling systems from 20 years ago…

If that isn’t enough, there are 3 Shockwave Judi Dadu games (Bingo, Pachinko and Dream Doors) which always amuse me. I swear I was always cheering the bingo numbers being pulled, yet never won a large prize, though I’m certain the results are fair (Plus Lotto games are audited by Coopers and Lybrand). And I could also swear I had real control of the pachinko machine (Japanese pinball for those of you who don’t know). Dream Doors is a bit boring but you can win some decent prizes there.

And for you instant lottery types, there are 11 – count them, ELEVEN – scratch off games which you can play at costs ranging from 1-100 Swiss Francs (about 60 cents to 60 US$). Many of the odds are a lot better than the scratch-offs you buy at the supermarket or corner store.

If that kind of selection is not enough on its own to entice you to pay a visit, this should, because it is absolutely the best deal available to a gambler aside from free money – for a limited time, if you make a deposit into your account within an hour of registration, Plus Lotto will credit your account DOLLAR for DOLLAR – that’s right, a 100% BONUS for up to 50 Swiss Francs – basically, $30 for $30. There are a lot of $20/$20 deals out there, but nothing beats this save for the $30/$1 available at one casino (I think it was Global Player) and the superb $40/$20 deal available at Captain Cook’s Casino.

Mario at Plus Lotto tells me that they will soon be revamping the site to make it more exciting and more interactive. I won’t go into great detail here but I’m sure their plans will mean better entertainment for the gambling public.

As far as I’m concerned, Plus Lotto is Lotto Heaven. And I can sleep at night knowing that if I lose, money is going to help those in need.



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