Sic Bo


Sic Bo (Dice Pair) is an ancient Chinese game played with three dice. The object is to select the individual numbers, or combinations of numbers, that will appear on the dice after they are shaken.


The possibilities are displayed along with payoff odds on the table’s easy-to-read layout. The possibilities include single dice numbers, two of a kind, three of a kind, or combinations of any two or three of the dice.


To play, place your bet on the possibility you select. After bets are made, the dice tumbler is rotated and then set on the table. All winning possibilities of the three dice are illuminated on the layout. Winning payoffs range from one-to-one to 150-to-one.


Here is a typical payout table:


One-of-a-kind                   Even Money

Two-of-a-kind                     2 to 1

Three-of-a-kind                   3 to 1

2 dice combinations               5 to 1

3 dice totals of 4, 17           60 to 1

3 dice totals of 5, 16           18 to 1

3 dice totals of 6, 15           14 to 1

3 dice totals of 7, 14           12 to 1

3 dice totals of 8, 13            8 to 1

3 dice totals of 9, 10, 11, 12    6 to 1

Doubles                          10 to 1

Any Triples                      30 to 1

Specific Triples                180 to 1

Small (3 dice totals 4-10)      Even Money but loses on triples

Big (3 dice totals 11-17)       Even Money but loses on triples




Roulette is a truly enticing game. It is fast-paced and easy to play. The Roulette wheel spins around and around and a pearl-like ball drops down and settles into the winning slot.


Checks (chips) ranging in value from $1 to $500, can be bought from the dealer. Each player is given different colored checks. You may bet เว็บคาสิโน money as well as checks and make as many bets as you wish. The amount of return on a winning bet is determined by the amount of the wager and the type of bet made.


Odds on Roulette range from 35-to-1 to even money, and are determined by the combinations of numbers selected by the player.


Below are the various bets and their odds:

Single number – Pays 35 to 1 (Straight Up)

Two numbers – Pays 17 to 1 (Split)

Three numbers – Pays 11 to 1 (Row)

Four numbers – Pays 8 to 1 (Corner)

Five numbers – Pays 6 to 1

Six numbers – Pays 5 to 1

Six numbers – Pays 5 to 1

12 numbers – Pays 2 to 1 (Columns, 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12)

18 numbers – Pays 1 to 1 (1 to 18 and 19 to 36)

Even or Odd – Pays 1 to 1

Black or Red – Pays 1 to 1




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