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I played like crap on Wendesday. Blood and I have been hitting this underground game with a fairly competent dealer and a good atmosphere. In the previous two trips there I’d won about a buyin and broken EXACTLY even. This time I was in no mood to play, and it showed. I’ve been playing pretty bad poker the last few times and, as he drove me home, I tried to figure it out with Mr. Blood.


It isn’t smart to have a poker “style”. There are two reasons really. First, if I know a player’s “style” it makes it far easier to predict his holding based on his actions and his future actions based on his likely holdings. In this regard, players with a “style” are like computers. They lack imagination.

Second, having a style makes it hard to adjust my own game to my surroundings. When I sit down at a new table I can, and sometimes do, run all over it. I’m an aggressive bastard and people who don’t know what to expect can be intimidated. Unfortunately, there are games where that style is just plain dumb and two of the biggest games in G-Vegas certainly fit that slot gacor .

From the day I started playing, my stlye matched my personality. I’m aggressive as hell. I find weakness in other players and try to exploit it. I try to represent great strength even when I have none. Drizz once said I play the “LAG Role” to perfection. I think I’m typecast.

In the underground game and the famed “G-Vegas BIG GAME” the players aren’t aggressive, quite the opposite in fact, they’ll call damn near anything. In fact, there are several players at each who DO NOT FOLD… EVER! It’s a pretty damn ridiculous way to play poker… and pretty damn profitable for everyone else… but it certainly negates my “stlye.”


I’ve been playing when I’m tired… or hungry… or bored. I know better. I’ve written whole posts about it and won’t do so again. Playing when not in the proper state of mind is foolish… for obvious reasons.

I think the solution is to remember WHY I play. I’m not in it for the money. I mean, we keep score with money so I want as much as possible. But I’m not a poker pro… and I don’t use the income for my everyday life. Really, the poker bankroll is just that. I use my poker winnings to play poker. That way I don’t have to use the family’s actual money to play… and I can keep playing bigger games.

Still, the money is NOT a motivation.

Instead, I’m playing because I love the game. In this way the gambling aspect is somewhat irrelevant. It’s part of the game, but no different that a squeeze bunt is part of baseball. I want to get better at poker and need to keep that as close as the motivation itself.

I think I lose sight of that at times.


A big thank you to all the readers who wished me well. My dad is back home and feeling OK. He had a pretty massive stroke but he’s still alive and still… himself. That’s good.

My wife will get more test results from yet another specialist next month. I’m quite sick of that crap… I hope this is the end of that.

I’m in negotiations right now for a new contract at work. If all goes well, there may finally be some stability. And I can go back to worrying about the turn and river.

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