The Gambling Guru Talks Slots Strategies


Marty writes:

I played progressive Red, White and Blue on the boat at Sun Cruise last week. Over $800. Never got a count. Went back the next evening, same machine nothing, no count one more 5 bills.

Bad luck? Maybe….. I think not.

The Guru replies:

Did I understand you correctly? You put $800 into a machine and never got a hit? That is pretty incredible even for a machine that is set for a very small pay back percentage. Why did you keep playing it? If a machine isn’t hitting after a few spins, find another. If you continue to come up empty after trying several slots, go to another casino if there is one.

Of course if you were on a boat that was cruising you were pretty much a captive. I would imagine they depend upon that. It’s kind of like the food prices on a train. You’ve got to eat so they charge exorbitant prices for their food. But, you don’t have to gamble, do you?

Bob writes:

I’m planning a trip to Las Vegas early next year. Please tell me where I can find any or all free information on winning at slot machines? I don’t mean to sound cheap. But I’m just a working stiff wanting to win some money and beat those stupid slot machines. Thank you for your time.

The Guru replies:

Have you tried doing an Internet search under “slot machines” or “slot machine information” or better yet, “free slot machine information”?

You are wise to search for free slot information because I fear any money you might spend on slot systems would just be wasted. At least that has been my Ligawd experience. I don’t believe there is any system for beating the slots long term.

If you are serious about increasing your chances and are willing to do a little extra work, then there are some things that might help. When you get to Vegas, spend a few hours scouting your casino and others near by before playing. Take a notebook with you and walk around noting the machines you see hitting with some frequency. These may be the looser slots. Do about 3 reconnaissance sessions about 2 hours apart and try to make it during peak periods when the machines are in heavy use. Stay away from any machines you haven’t seen hitting on 2 out of 3 of your scouting sessions.

When you begin your playing sessions, go to the machines you have targeted.

You might want to play during off hours so there won’t be as much competition for your chosen machines. Play each machine for about 10 spins. Only risk one coin per play. If you don’t get any hits, move on to the next machine. If you get a hit, then play the max for 10 spins. If you make money, continue playing the max for another 10 spins. If you don’t show a profit, quit and move on.

As long as you are turning a profit on a machine, keep playing. As soon as it takes more of your money than it gives back, move on to another machine. Keep cycling around and playing your targeted machines. If all your machines bomb, you might want to scout some different casinos the next day or re-examine the ones you have scouted already.

Divide your total bank roll that you have set aside for the trip into equal portions. If you are going to be there for 5 days, then divide your bank roll into 5 portions. When you have used up one day’s bank roll, don’t go into the next. Many people wind up losing their whole bank roll the first or second day and have no more gambling funds for the rest of the trip. This is one thing that gets people into trouble. They wind up getting cash advances and spending money they couldn’t really afford to lose.

Also, if you want to play 2 sessions per day, then divide each daily bank roll into 2 parts. When that session bank roll is gone, quit. Take a break. Go have dinner or see a show. Enjoy yourself. Also, if you are serious about increasing your chances of coming home with a profit, as you play a session lock up half of everything you win. In other words, if you win $10 on a spin, put $5 in your pocket and don’t touch it. Take the other $5 and recycle it as part of your session bankroll. And once again don’t forget to quit when your session bank roll is exhausted. By following the lockup procedure you should find that you have enough for an extra session or two. That may be just what you need to hit a good jackpot and go home with a nice profit.

I haven’t been to Vegas for a while and since I’m not a slot player the last time I was there I didn’t pay much attention, but there used to be a couple of casinos who advertised a 98% pay back on ALL slots.  It might be worth seeking them out. But don’t be deceived by casinos just advertising 98% or 99% pay back on slots. That doesn’t necessarily mean all slots. There may only be 3 or 4 in the whole casino with those percentages.

Hope this helps and good luck.



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