Togel Hongkong Advances to EPT Prague Day 4

Togel Hongkong


135 players came back at the start of Day 3 of the EPT Prague tournament and Yann Brosolo of was one of them. He had huge hopes to achieve a good finish.

Level 15 – 1,500/3,000 ante 400 – A wonderful level for Yann Brosolo

American Calvin Anderson raised to 6.8K at the cut-off and Togel Hongkong from Team Titan called from the big blind.

Yann check-called 6.6K on the flop 2♥ 7♥ 3♦

Both players checked the turn, the K♠ and Yann donk-bet the river 3♠ to 18K and was paid by Anderson.

Yann showed K♥ Q♥ and won the pot.

A few hands later, the hi-jack raised to 6.3K and the cut-off 3-bet to 16.1K. Yann decided to 4-bet to 37.2K and obtained two quick folds.

Yann was up to 225K for an average of 173K.

Yann put a lot of pressure on his opponents hand after hand. Yann raised to 6.8K in middle position and paid the re-raise of the small blind to 18K.

Flop: K♥ 5♥ 7♠

The small blind bet 18K and Yann called.

The two men decided to check the turn, the 3♣, but after a check of the small blind on the river, the 10♥, Yann bet 44K and won the hand to climb to 264K.

A few minutes before the first break of the day, Yann Brosolo eliminated a player in a monster pot but lost a big one.

First Lodden raised to 6.8K in early position. The small blind called and Yann completed from the big blind.

The flop came K♥ 7♥ 3♣. The small blind and Yann checked, Lodden bet 9.8K and the small blind just called. Yann Brosolo took a minute before 3-betting to 35K. Lodden gave up at that stage but the small blind called.

The turn was the 8♦ and the small blind check-called the 50K bet from Yann.

On the river, the 9♠, the small blind checked again and Yann Brosolo moved all-in. His opponent snap-called and showed pocket 3s for a set but Yann held the winning hand with pocket 7s for a higher set. Yann Brosolo was over 500K.

On the last hand of the level, Yann Brosolo bet 7K in late position and the player in big blind raised to 20K with 120K behind. Yann called to see the flop 9♥ J♠ 5♥

The small blind opened to 19K and Yann pushed a tower of 5K chips putting his opponent all-in. The player called and we had a showdown.

Yann: K♥ 8♥

Small blind: K♦ K♠

Yann needed a heart but unfortunately the dealer delivered the 9♦ on the turn and the Q♣ on the river.

Yann Brosolo finished the level with 355K while the average was 185K for 117 players left.

With 104 paid players in the tournament, Yann began to believe that he would achieve a good performance in this tournament.

Level 16 – Blinds 2,000/ 4,000 ante 500

Yann Brosolo succeeded to enter the money with the same stack (350K) after one hour of patient play.

At the end of the level, 104 players were left for an average of 210K.

During the next level, Yann Brosolo lost a few small pots and was card dead. He finished the level with a little bit more than 300K.

Level 18 at blinds 3,000/ 6,000 ante 500, Yann Brosolo back in action

He raised to 12K UTG +1 and found two callers, one in middle position and the big blind.

On the flop J♦ 5♠ 10♠, the big blind & Yann checked and the third player bet 25K. The big blind gave up but Yann went all-in, widely covering his opponent. The player called him and we had a showdown.

Yann Brosolo: K♠ 9♠

Big blind: A♦ J♣

The turn came a 9♥ which was not good for our Titan pro player but the 7♠ fell on the river to give the flush to Yann who increased his stack of 130K.

He was up to 430K for an average of 349K and 62 players left.

Then he 3-bet a tight player and added 20K to his stack before giving up 30K.

Level 19 – Blinds 4,000/ 8,000 ante 1,000

Yann Brosolo had 455K in front of him while the average showed 433K for 50 players left in the tournament.

A young aggressive player raised to 17K UTG +1 and Yann Brosolo called in big blind position.

Both players checked the next flop: Q♠ 7♠ 4♥

On the turn, the 4♣, Yann check-raised to 56K his young opponent who had bet 22K and this player finally made the call.

On the river, 3♥, the two players decided to check. Yann Brosolo showed K♥ Q♥ and it was good enough to win the pot and he was up to 530K.

Just before going to the dinner break, Yann Brosolo lost 60K and was down to 389K with 45 players left. Average stack: 481K.

Level 20 – Blinds 5,000/ 10,000 ante 1,000 – Yann Brosolo runs over his table

Yann Brosolo raised, 3-bet or 4-bet every hand to be back at the average stack of 528K when 41 players were left.

Level 21 – Blinds 6,000/ 12,000 ante 1,000

Yann Brosolo changed tables and continued to raise and 3-bet. A player moved all-in in early position for a total of 130K. Yann Brosolo called in late position with pocket 10s. He was a huge favorite against the pocket 3s of his opponent.

The final board was: Q-7-2-K-2 and Yann was in really good shape with more than 717K.

Then Yann raised with K J suited from the button and the last woman remaining in the tournament decided to make it more expensive 3-betting to 100K. Yann moved all-in and the result was simple and efficient: FOLD.

Finally, Yann made a move against his French compatriot Jean-Philippe Rohr. A Czech player, Dorbek, raised UTG to 24K. Jean-Philippe Rohr 3-bet to 65K and Brosolo 4-bet one more time. The new price to pay was 112K. His two opponents folded and Yann showed pocket Kings.

Day 3 was over with 31 players left for an average 698K. Yann Brosolo is in good position to start Day 4 with a confortable stack of 828K.

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