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Despite Black Friday and the fact that PokerStars, Full Tilt, and UB are no longer available to Americans, PokerStars has remained one of the best Euro poker sites around. If you live in Europe, you should expect to see plenty of promotions available to you now that the US is no longer a factor.

The latest promotion for Central and Eastern Europe is known as VPP Ring. Players from this region should play cash games as much as they can in order to earn as many VIP Player Points (VPPs) as possible. You will be ranked on a leaderboard depending on how many you earn. togel Singapore has a $50,000 prize pool for its top 500 players!

If you wish to participate in this promotion, search for the VPP Ring dummy tournament in the PokerStars lobby. The tournament is under “Tourney” and “Regional” and is used for registration purposes only. You can only register from now until May 1st, so be sure to do it this coming week.

The promotion started one week ago, but you still have plenty of time to catch up. Basically you have until May 22nd to rack up the VPPs at the cash tables. To do so you have to play with real money, and the higher the limits, the more you’ll earn. If you want a chance to win this leaderboard, you will need to do a few obvious things: play high action games (eg. Limit), play long hours, and play multiple tables at once.

As specified above, the top 500 players receive prize money when everything is said and done. The top 500 players split a $40,000 prize pool, and then the top 50 players split an additional $10,000.

To see where you rank on the VPP Ring leaderboard, just go to the PokerStars site by clicking one the PokerStars links on this page. The VPP Ring rankings shows both how many VPPs you’ve earned and also how much of the $50,000 prize pool you would receive if the contest were to end today.

If you are already a cash grinder, opting in for this promotion is a no-brainer. People already consider FPPs as PokerStars rakeback, so VPP Ring essentially increases the rakeback you already get. Grind hard to get to the top, and here’s to running good at the tables!

New PokerStars Main Event Passport

As usual PokerStars waited until the end of the Spring Championship of Online Poker before rolling out their World Series of Poker Main Event satellites. The situation is a little different than in past years, however. Actual promotions targeting WSOP in particular are non-existent. There aren’t any bonuses for wearing PokerStars gear during the event, nor are there any final table incentives. In fact, there won’t be any PokerStars representatives in Vegas at all this summer.

This isn’t exactly surprising to those that have followed the news of the April 15th indictments. American players can no longer download PokerStars, so there is no need to advertise in the US. Not to mention that PokerStars has been pulled from all US television networks, so advertising is pretty difficult in the first place.

Players can still win their WSOP Main Event package on PokerStars, although it works a little differently this year. You’ll be playing for a Main Event Passport worth $13,000. If you win one and wish to play in the WSOP Main Event, you will have $13,000 deposited into your PokerStars account.

The fun part is that the WSOP Main Event isn’t your only option. A Main Event Passport allows you to choose from one of several PokerStars tours. You could play in the PCA, EPT, LAPT, or the APPT. All the packages include a Main Event seat and cash for expenses. Some of the packages also include hotel accommodations.

Both the EPT London and PCA packages are actually worth more than $13,000. You won’t need to worry about the difference, though, because PokerStars absorbs the extra costs for you. So you are actually getting a better deal by choosing EPT London or PCA over the others!

In past years, some players made a killing by winning multiple WSOP Main Event satellites. This is because after their first win, every other prize got converted to T$. It won’t be so easy to do that this year. Since there are five different packages for players to choose from, players must win five Main Event Passports before they can have any of the prizes converted to T$.

Despite Black Friday, poker is popular as ever and people are flocking to Vegas in droves. The WSOP fields are going to be huge and some people will make a lot of money. If you are traveling from outside the US and are worried about being able to play online poker while in Vegas, you might try a Bodog Poker download. You’ll be able to access your account anywhere in the world and they offer a 100% deposit bonus.


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