Aim of the Game

A video slot machine has 5 spinning reels marked with symbols. Each time a spin is made, the five reels come to rest randomly with a selection of 3 symbols per reel showing in the game window. The type of wager placed and the combination of symbols that appear determine the payoff.

video slot machines operate like video slot machines found in the casinos throughout the world. The only difference, which is greatly favorable for the player, is that you can switch your coin value from £0.25 to £5 without changing to another machine!


To begin playing video slots, you must first deposit money into the machine. To do this, select a bill denomination (£5, £10, £20, £50, £100) by clicking on the arrow pointing towards the bill slot. Clicking the left mouse button will increase the bill value and clicking on the right button will decrease the value.

Once you have made a selection, deposit the bill into the machine by clicking on the bill deposit area. You will see a bill being inserted and your credit value increase. You may then select the coin denomination you wish to play – £0.01, £0.05, £0.10, £0.25, £1.00, £2.00, £5.00. To increase or decrease denominations, please click on the “up arrow” or “down arrow” buttons, respectively, at the top left of the slot machine.

After depositing into the machine and selecting a coin denomination, the amount of coins you have available within the machine is shown in the Credits field on the left side of the machine. For example, if you deposit £20 with the coin denomination selector set to £1, you will see 19 in the Credits field and 1 in the Bet field for a total of 20. If you then click the “down arrow” button of the coin denomination selector (which changes the coin value to £0.25), you then see that the Credits field has been changed to 79 and the Bet field remains at 1 for a total of 80. The BET field displays the amount of coins you have selected to bet that spin. Please note that the BALANCE field will not change when you change the coin denomination since they show your balance in dollars (not coins).

You now have to options to select in determining the type and amount of your wager. The first will be selecting how many lines you wish to wager on. You can wager anywhere from 1 to 5 lines by clicking on the appropriate button (1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines or 5 lines). Pressing the 1 Line button will highlight the horizontal line: middle. Pressing on the 2 Lines button will highlight the first line and horizontal line: top. Pressing on 3 Lines will highlight the first two lines and horizonal line: bottom. Pressing on 4 Lines will highlight the first three lines and the inverted “V”. Pressing on 5 Lines will highlight the first 4 lines and the regular “V”).. Therefore, if you select only 1 line, you are only placing the wager beside the 1 line, and only qualify for that line. Once the number of lines is selected, you can now determine how many coins you want to wager. The number of coins per line multiplied by the number of lines being bet on will be shown in the TOTAL BET display area. After your selections, you may then press SPIN to spin the reels. Alternatively you may select the BET MAX button if you have enough coins to bet on all 5 lines with 5 credits per line. This will automatically spin the reels.


When the reels stop, your payoff will be determined from a table of winning combinations shown on the PAYOUT TABLE of each machine. You may view this by clicking on this button located directly below the center reel. Any credits you win will be displayed in the Paid field. Upon placing your next bet the credits in the Paid field will be added to your Credits (minus the amount of the bet which will be displayed in the Bet field). To turn your machine credits back into regular chips, click on the Cash / Credit button.


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