Virtual Reality sanghoki Room 2008


The fledgling site of sanghoki  is celebrating a milestone, yet again. The online poker room reached 10 thousand simultaneous players, on January 6th, 2008. Not a small accomplishment, nor was it anticipated to occur so quickly, when the poker site launched only a year an a half ago. With the new milestone has become firmly rooted in the top 20 online poker rooms worldwide, with the promise of the top 10 and beyond with in their rapidly moving grasp. With the unique development and opportunities at the site, it doesn’t take much to see why so many people chose to play poker on the competitive and entertaining platform that is In the effort to re-introduce you to the phenomenon that is, let us first remind you that this is the only online VR poker site. They much more than most online poker players are accustomed to. Texas Hold’em Poker is not the only game available to play at the poker tables of this interactive virtual reality online poker giant. Here it is possible to create an avatar. But you say, don’t all of the online poker rooms allow you to have or create an avatar? Not like does. In this virtual reality online poker room the avatars are in 3 deminations, which are accompanied by incredible life like actions. For example it is possible for the avatars to hold a conversation as you might across the real felt. Not to mention the various chip tricks, trash talk and even the across the virtual felt virtual tells. A simularity to the live event often believed to be missing from the online poker industry. has drawn in many new players to the world of poker. Role playing is a very popular international pasttime, even online. caters to those who enjoy creating a new virtual life full of rich experiances and more. Even with this in mind PKR had many naysayers when they launched in this amazing form. Those same people and industry leaders are changing their tune now as they are watching shoot to the top of the online poker industry.

Taking their time to wow the poker world, created many venues to push their brand out front, even though 2007 was only their first full year. At home they have made themselves visible online and off by sponsoring one of the biggest live poker tournaments in Ireland. At that event they placed a tent with a free virtual casino, no money invested by visitors, but prize were paid out. From that point the began planning and subsquently launching a major television advertising campaign that put them out front. Resulting from the incredible effort of 2007, they celebrated the 1 millionth registered online poker player in their 3D poker room. As we watch 2008 unfold before our eyes, they have begun with 1.3 million online poker players, and the industry is finding a new online poker measuring stick. What an accomplishment for such a ‘new’ online poker room.

The best online poker sites are now slowly finding reason to experiment with the virtual reality environment. Don’t pass up the opportunity to compete among some of the most competitive poker players online in the original and currently the only virtual reality poker room —

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