Why Do People Limp So Much With Online Casino Malaysia?

Limping in Online Casino Malaysia, for anyone who may not be familiar with the term, is wagering as little as possible to see the first three community cards (the flop). People might do this because they have something like a small pair or an ace and a card with the same suit or another type of hand that depends on catching cards. There is also a tendency to limp with great cards in order to trick other players into thinking that the limping player has relatively weak cards.

The idea of limping with great cards is based on the idea that other players would go all in after pairing the highest card on the board, which should be lower than the pair of aces or kings in the limper’s hand. That strategy can work, but it can also backfire easily.

With more people in the hand, there is the potential for a weak hand to turn into a better hand than the one held by the limper. That happened to me last night, and I was the beneficiary of the limper. I had the big blind and saw the flop for free with the four and nine of clubs, and I would have folded with any sort of raise. The flop brought two clubs and the limper bet 1500 chips. I had yet to win a pot about an hour into the tournament, and I decided to take a little risk and call the bet. When the turn brought another club, I bet my final four thousand chips and the limper reluctantly called with a pair of kings and a king on the board. The river was a blank, and I won what would be my first pot of many for the tournament.

Losing Lots of Chips Yet Feeling Good

No, this isn’t giving to others because of holiday spirit or anything like that. I didn’t want to give the chips away, but I still felt like I played well since I could have lost a lot more.

One hand I had AK and the flop gave me another ace. With several players still in the pot after a pre-flop raise by someone else and a less than dominating hand by my standards, I made a small bet each round. After I made my bet on the river, I got re-raised for 40% of my chips. It could have been an attempt to steal the pot, but I concluded that someone who had called all along and could have been on a successful diamond draw probably wasn’t bluffing. I was right, the flush was hit, and I saved a lot of chips.

Later on, I had an ace and ten of hearts. There weren’t a lot of people in the flop, and I called when the flop brought a ten, two fours, and one heart. I was second to bet, and checked after the two of hearts came on the turn. The river card was another heart, and I found myself faced with a 1700 chip bet.

What to do? I did have the nut flush, but not necessarily the best hand. The two fours on the board meant there were all sorts of full house possibilities, as well as an outside chance of quad fours. A check on the turn and a substantial raise on the river is also often accompanied by a very strong hand.

On the other hand, there were plenty of strong hands that I would have beaten. I could have been up against a lower flush, or three fours or even two higher pairs. A bluff was also a possibility. An exploratory raise might have been in order against a professional, but in these free tournaments people usually respond to re-raises by going all in. I called, and saw pocket twos for a full house. I lost a lot, but it could have been much worse.

I was in very good shape until I put two smaller stacks all in when I had pocket kings. The other two had pocket queens and jacks, and the flop came down AKQ. The turn was a ten and the river was a blank. Nothing can be done about that, and I never really recovered. I finished 152nd out of 1101, which might give me a slight boost in the PokerPages rankings.

The operative word is slight. I’m still hovering around 100th place, and I’ll need at least one very strong tournament or a few good ones without any bad ones in order to get me into the top 50. It won’t be easy.

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