Wifi Hardware Compatibility

I am using what I think is a very standard system with three machines networked over WiFi using all Netgear equipment.

The desktops are fitted with USB WiFi cards.

I have been unable to find a version of Linux that will load and go on one of these desktops. All load and go as standalone with no problem but none will connect to the network.I have wasted money on Linspire and Ubuntu. I am quite computer literate but very lazy so need a simple “non techie” solution.

Does such a solution exist ?

I’ve found Ubuntu to be very good on most hardware (and free, incidentally!), but I have had to build drivers for one very recent WiFi card, and USB ones tend not to be so well-supported. Most Linux distributions do have hardware compatibility lists – the Ubuntu one for wifi cards is here. The latest version of Ubuntu (’Breezy Badger’) supports quite a few more than its predecessor, so might be worth a try if you used an older version.

Without wanting to start too technical a discussion here, can anybody help Peter or suggest possible next steps? Good places to ask about hardware compatibility?


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